"I just had a session with Anna Surwillo, and it was fantastic! As a practicing Reiki Master for several years, I can honestly say I've rarely felt such strong healing energy! Anna has a wonderful way of subtly letting the energy start to flow through your chakras, then increases it until you are totally bathed in warm, comforting, healing waves. I highly recommend Anna's to anyone who needs energy healing. — Steve Nealon, MD

 Update: It's day two after the session and I'm still feeling the energy! It turns out Anna opened up the area around my 9th Chakra, giving me some access to aspects of my Higher Being. This is an amazing feeling! She has quite a gift. A true "Healer's Healer". 

Update: I've spoken in depth to another trusted energy worker, and she said my whole energy field has fundamentally changed, and higher chakras (to 12) have opened, allowing even more light and powerful energy in. This is fantastic. Thank you!

“I recently had a session with Anna and I thought to share my story. My husband and I are shamans and Reiki masters and were looking for someone to do a particular healing for us. All healers look to also have themselves healed at times. We were led to Anna and expected her to do the usual chakra balancing and the sort. We were completely unprepared for what took place. She is working with some very elevated energies. Connection to Soul, is more like it. We try to be humble in our work and perhaps because of this we were led to this level of healing. May you be blessed, dear Anna. We thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.” — Donna O'Sullivan & Jonn Blackwell, NY

"Long before Anna announced her new healing practice, I knew of her innate abilities to create an amazing positive energy and eliminate negative feelings. I always enjoyed being around Anna and recognized her as a gentle and loving soul with a gift to heal. She has an amazing touch regardless of which healing modality she is practicing that radiates and translates into love, kindness and healing. Recently, I had the pleasure and opportunity of working with Anna in the healing capacity. I experienced different sensations and feelings of energy including a lot of heat, tingling, a sense of calm (after the storm), and neutrality/balance. Each session I experienced a great release of useless energy that was stored and needed to be released in order to restore balance and health to energy systems. Point to note – one session I hadn’t felt or realized the blockage that I was experiencing until after I purged. I highly recommend working with Anna to begin or continue on a journey to good health- physical, emotional as well as spiritual.  — Cheryl Laner, NY

"Anna, your energy is breathtakingly beautiful and so gentle. It makes my heart flutter and it recognizes yours! It is filling my eyes with tears: the kind that we get when we see our favorite sister or soul friend after long separation. Wow, thank you beautiful, your intent is strong, and your heart is soooo loving! Gratitude. I'll marinate in this for a while, and I'll be back later.

UPDATE: TODAY I WOKE UP Feeling light, with my heart bursting with love, as if it was Blasted open. The pain lifted and a delightful sparkling, squeaky clean energetic embrace is accompanying my physical vessel. Last night in my meditation an unusual thing happened: a large eye appears in my crown chakra.The iris color changing ( blue, amber, gold ) as if various energetic vibrations were filtered and infused . Anna, your energy triggered something wonderful, something that is still unfolding in a beautiful harmonic dance. Ethereal gratitude."  — Catalina Taylor