My Mom, one of the greatest teachers...

My Mom, one of the greatest teachers...

Use me as an example and do things differently.
— My Mom

This is personal story... I'm finally comfortable sharing...  

I have been asked a question of why I got into the fitness industry and why I take care of my body the way I do?

I searched in my memory bank to find the exact moment I decided my body was worthy to be taken care of and it was only my responsibility and no one else’s to do so.

I found it.

My mother was my greatest teacher and initiator of the path I am on. She led her life the only way she knew how, which was filled with less than healthy choices.

She didn’t have much desire, or know-how to take care of her body physically, emotionally or spiritually. I'm sure there was more to it, a bigger picture unfolding (from Soul's perspective). Deterioration of my mom's health was compounded by an addiction, which ravaged it to a point of no return. By watching it all unfold over the course many years, I vowed to make different choices. In spite of being a young child at the time, I intuitively knew there was another way- less destructive than the one my mother had chosen.

There were many times I asked her:

“Why do people who are born with beautiful and healthy bodies chose to abuse and destroy them”?

In my childish naivete, I just couldn’t grasp the madness of it. It just didn't make sense. I remember so vividly being upset and angry.  

There were many answers but two stood out:

“It’s not as easy as you may think.”

“Use me as an example and do things differently.”

Indeed, it’s not always easy to make choices required of us, especially when we're stuck in destructive looping patterns. I do know it now! So yes, I did choose differently and embarked on a very different path, a path of polar opposite. I realized human body is an incredible and magnificent gift, and it’s in our hands to take care of it. Human Body is Sacred. I made a solemn promise, both to my mother and myself, to a lifetime commitment of taking care of my health/my body because it's no one else's job but mine. It's been heck of a journey ever since. 

Unfortunately, my mom is not around to witness my expansion from this earthly plane. However, her passing set in motion my desire to explore the spiritual realm. It was later fueled by listening to the whispers of my own Soul to keep going inward. Even though she’s not here now, she is still being my teacher. My journey led me into embracing fitness from a more balanced perspective. Focusing on “just the physical body” is no longer enough. Now it’s a commitment to full integration of body, mind and spirit

What about you my friend, where are you on your journey?

With a Loving Heart, Anna

Are you still waiting for your spiritual career to emerge?

Are you still waiting for your spiritual career to emerge?

Conscious Stewards of the Planet Earth...

Conscious Stewards of the Planet Earth...