Did you know that you can burn more calories from fat when you do HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING?

I know you're probably thinking: how is that possible? I will let you in on a little secret. High intensity interval training involves alternating very short-duration doses of power based type of interval, with one to few minutes of recovery interval (moderate pace), over a 20 to 30 min session. Fat-burning zone occurs at 85% of max heart rate. This type of training increases caloric consumption post exercise, in other words you will be burning calories at an accelerated rate after the exercise is done. This principle of training can be applied to any cardio equipment: treadmill, bike, elliptical, rowing machine, vertical climber or outdoors activities. Believe it or not but a trained body from an ongoing HIIT sessions will derive about 70% of its daily requirement for fuel from fat and 30% from sugar. Isn't that amazing? Keep this training principle in mind next time you hit the gym. Take it up a notch or a few. ;-)  

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