Soul's Path...

Soul's Path...

When you do things from your soul you feel a river moving in you, a joy. When actions come from another section, the feeling disappears.
— Rumi

Soul’s path, a bit intimidating discussion to delve into… but oh well, let’s try! ;-)

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How does one discover the Soul’s path; follow that inner knowing, and integrate it within the physical expression? I’ve pondered this question countless times and I’m still figuring out/discovering steps as I go along; one little step at a time… really! There is no particular structure I follow. However, I imagine soul's path to be authentic; filed with integrity, infused with cosmic dynamism and a type of exuberance that makes you high; as well as give a sense of peace, and clarity that you’re on the right path.

Throughout our lives, the world tells us who we are, and what we are to do with our existence. Pressure is put on us that we must achieve certain level of success in the eyes of the world; success acceptable by societal standards. Any time we veer away from traditional pursuit of success, a sense of “not being good enough” or “I’m a failure”, rears its ugly head. Others look at us with a glare of “when are you going to get your act together”, or  “what’s wrong with you? It’s easy to become burdened by pressure imposed by the outside world, as well as feel utterly overwhelmed by our supposed smallness, or perhaps irrelevance… What if we are not so small after all? What if your path or mine is different than what the world has told us so far…?

I believe, and know in my heart of hearts, that each of us is here to play individual note in this giant cosmic symphony…and we are to discover “that very note” and play it the best we can. Others might tell you what you supposedly need to be doing in your life, and how to get there, while you ego can have some other, completely different, grandiose version of what you should do. While some of that advice may be valid, perhaps that particular path being advised may not be yours to take. Our individual soul has the only authority as to how the journey is to unfold, and the type of music we’re here to play. So as much as we may want to jump on the next advice being given to us, perhaps the best way would be to consult your Higher Self- the spiritual part of you- the ultimate advisor. Our Soul’s purpose might not unfold for us all at once, but rather in little steps. So it would be most beneficial to turn inward; listen to the inner voice, and not get swept away by others’ projections. Our Soul contains the blueprint of our journey… and not necessarily a how-to book or guru telling you where you need to be in your life. No other person can possibly know the exact purpose of what a particular soul has come to experience here on this planet.

I remember during one of my meditations a thought of a client whom I was training popped in my mind, and an overwhelming sense of frustration that she wasn’t loosing the weight. After all she hired me for that very purpose; to assist her with shedding the pounds.  Right after a sense of frustration, a message came:

“You don’t know the whole story”

Wow. I simply didn’t have the whole picture as to what story was being played out in her little universe. I honestly did not know. Apparently it wasn’t only about her loosing weight, there was more to it, and I wasn’t privy as to the details. With this little nugget of wisdom, a smidgeon of humility swept over me. The arrogant ego with “I have all the answers” was put momentarily into time-out. 

So we don’t always get to know what symphony is being played and some answers are not that obvious. It seems that our Soul’s path unfolds one step at a time, and we get to find out when ready. We are here to play our part in the symphony, and co-creating it together. In words of Jeff Brown:

”You are needed for what you bring and to never lose faith in your brilliance, whatever the world sends your way. Although it is all too easy to forget, the Divine Mother continues to breathe you because you are essential here. She would take you back in a soul-beat if you had no role here.”

So my dear friend, even if you’re not the next most famous success story, or have most successful You Tube channel, or made it to Oprah couch yet; remember your own eternal magnificence. It’s there! Divine sparkle is flowing through your veins, whether you are aware of it or not. There is much going on, though seemingly imperceptible to the human eye. Each human spirit matters, and is here to play individual part in this grand symphony. There’s a unique and sacred path to be followed. Choose to remember it. No need to compete. No need to imitate others. No need to race. Just listen to inner knowing and develop necessary skills needed for your particular path. 

With a loving heart, Anna

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