Interview by Solaris Modalis

Interview by Solaris Modalis

I had the privilege to be interviewed by Susan of SolarisModalis; it was a very spontaneous and unsought connection we made through a mutual friend of ours. Here is our little chat analyzing the photo of sky taken over Astoria, Queens.
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Solaris:  Anna, wow, what an intense sky you photographed!!  Thank so much for agreeing to do this interview.

I’m not sure where to begin asking you about this photo – I can see why you took it, as there is so much going on in the sky!!

Anna:  First of all, I LOVE to look at the skies. We have big windows with a southern exposure, which means I get to see a big chunk of the sky from the living room. Sometimes I just lay on the couch and stare at the passing by clouds. I took that photo because the colors were very beautiful, there was softness in them. I loved the yellow color. I sat on the windowsill and just stared at sky.  Not sure if I saw any specific thing when starting to photograph this sky.

Solaris:  That’s interesting and I can relate to what you are saying.  Sometimes I just have a feeling, and I point my camera towards the sky and start clicking.

Anna:  I was in awe of the beauty. I was mesmerized. I sighed. I feel like the elementals respond to us and what’s going on within us.

Actually what appears in the sky for me (quite frequently) are heart clouds. I’ve seen a unicorn, too. I captured a dragon (I think that’s what it was, or at least what it looked like to me – some kind of creature for sure!). Once, I got angel wings right above the building I used to live in.

The sky is like a big canvas, on which beautiful creations appear. I love its transitory nature. One gets to glimpse briefly, and then, poof! it disappears.

Solaris:  It is interesting to read how connected you are with the elementals.  I have gotten a couple of dragons and wings too, but not a unicorn!!  I always feel more connected to the feathery slyphs and the galactic energies.

Anna:  Yes, the connection with elemental seems to be pretty solid at this point. I‘m looking forward to deepening it even more.

Solaris:  I feel that the camera responds to our energies – that we interact at the level of consciousness and energy with the technology – and that is why certain people can produce certain types of photos.  In addition, I feel that these energies in the sky interact with us also – so that when we are interacting from the heart – which is exactly what you described – they can appear for us.

But – not for too long, as you also stated, because we wouldn’t want to impinge on the free will of those who aren’t ready to see them – or something like that, lol. I find that too, where I have to take the picture quickly because the shapes will change – and they change after I have seen them and consciously recognized them- rather than them just being in motion.

Anna:  I totally agree with your statement that camera responds to our energies and so do elementals. I’ve noticed that the times when I felt love and a deep sense of connectedness with all that is, that’s when elementals gifted me with something like a heart made of clouds. Which is beyond priceless!

It is so true we cannot “impinge on the free will” of other people. Not everyone sees what I see, lets say the heart cloud. I’m usually the first one to point it out, lol.

Solaris:  You know, in your photo, I also see very intense energies – I see dense energies that are clearing.  I see geometric shapes and energy movements.  A lot of time those dark but transparent clouds are energies clearing, as I perceive it.  My sense, in this photo, is that there is a lot of dense energies on the ground that are being lifted or transmuted in coordination with what is going on in the sky.  This energy comes across as very intense for me.

Also, the circle to the lower right and to the right of the bridge is interesting – it is in a saucer shape if you include the sky space.

It is also interesting how the sky is lit up in the center of the photo, yet the sun is below the horizon (it seems).  For me, there is something very interesting going on in the center of the photo.  It almost seems like the light in the photo’s center is much brighter than it should be for where the sun is at that time.

I feel that this is a kind of ‘light presence’ of energy – it can be associated with sky elementals or it can be associated with people on the ground or energies, on the ground or in the sky, of a higher frequency than the surrounding area.

What I sense is energies emitting from that center, and I can see a pattern there that reflects that.  These lighter energies and the energy patterns in the sky assist with the clearing of the denser ground energies, that then lift off in a transparent black cloud type formation.

Anna:  Regarding your analysis, yes, I agree there is intensity to the image.  Actually, it’s interesting that you mentioned: “a lot of times those dark but transparent clouds are energies clearing, as I perceive it.” I agree completely. I’ve seen those dark but transparent clouds many times and had a thought that it was clearing of sorts. It’s great to have this confirmation.  Sometimes, I have my moments of doubt, like, who else could be possibly seeing that? LOL!

There is clearing going on for sure, after all this in New York City area. The image was taken in Astoria, Queens.

Now that you’re pointing out the center and how it’s lit up. I can see that. I still remember the pastel like, soft yellow colors that sky was covered by.  Awww, beautiful. I hope there is the presence of higher energies in the area, this city needs it. 

It’s interesting that sometimes, the sky has a soft violet tint to it, sometimes yellow, pink or blueish; you never know what you’re gonna get.  And, there are times like today, where it’s grey and very gloomy and raining – quite timely given the Lunar Eclipse we are having today, as I write this, all the release and shedding going on.

Solaris:  Anna, thank you so much for sharing both your photo and your experience with us!!  I am so grateful to you for doing so.  It is wonderful as well to have photos on my blog that are from the New York City area, and to share our resonant experiences.

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Goodbye 2017, Welcome 2018

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