Money and Spirituality, do they mix?

Money and Spirituality, do they mix?

Not he who has much is rich, but he who gives much.
— Erich Fromm

The issue of money and spirituality has been on my find for what seems like forever. I would love to share with you my 'two cents' regarding ‘oh-no-you’re-not-going-there-topic’. Yes, I am. So bear with me! 
Caveat: this post is not addressing the brokenness of the financial system and debt enslavement.  

Poverty in Spiritual Circles
There are many perspectives echoing in spiritual circles regarding money and spiritually; After all, who doesn’t have an opinion on the topic of money? Many conversations are had amongst the spiritually inclined how money isn’t important. Can’t help but ponder:

Is it because one has glimpsed higher spiritual truths or has had encounters with higher beings, masters? 

When a sliver of a bigger reality has been revealed, it may cause one to feel unsteady; ungrounded in physical expression. Thinking about 3D stuff can lose its meaning pretty fast. It all becomes mundane, doesn't it? Down the rabbit hole we go!
Sadly, many spiritual seekers struggle financially. So many don’t have adequate means and resources to explore earthly existence. Aren't we here to learn, to grow, and expand beyond where/what we currently are? So much burden, strife and despair! 

Why is that? 

Is it because to be spiritual one must lead an ascetic life and renounce the material, in favor of spiritual pursuits?
Is it the old belief equating money with immorality? 
Is it the mindset of lack?
Is it holier-than-thou attitude because I'm pursuing spiritual path?

So, so much dichotomy!

Hierarchy of needs
Abraham H. Maslow, an American psychologist proposed a hierarchy of needs, with the most basis needs at the bottom and the higher pursuits of self - actualization at the very top. Humans most basic needs must be satisfied before progressing towards higher levels. This five stage model can be divided into basic (or deficiency) needs(e.g. physiological, safety, love, and esteem) and growth needs (self-actualization).

Can’t help but wonder: can an individual focus on self-actualization and contribute to the collective in a meaningful/ soulful way when the most basic of needs are not met? What if one doesn’t have money for rent? Or doesn't know where next meal will come from? There is a likelihood of fear response being triggered and getting stuck in survival instinct, isn’t it? After all, we all need food and shelter from the elements. How can one think about spiritual pursuits and bigger picture when the foundation is not there to support higher growth? Such a big part of human population has been stuck at this basic level of trying to make it, to survive. No surprise self-actualization doesn't enter the realm of awareness, why should it?   

Old looping beliefs cloaked in a spiritual suit
There are so many unexamined and unconscious attitudes towards money we’ve inherited along the way. What are the most common expressions, beliefs, labels associated with money?
Shall we???
'Money is bad'; 
'Money is root of all evil'.
'Money will corrupt you'.
'You won’t take money with you'. 
'Money won’t buy you happiness'. 
'Rich people are crooks'.

I’m quite familiar with of all these statements, as they were introduced during my formative years. Unfortunately, they stayed with me longer than I would've liked. For many of us, these beliefs most likely come from both familial conditionings and/or cultural indoctrinations. We all have them. Holding onto these old outdated concepts can be detrimental to our thriving in this physical world, keeping us in perpetual poverty mentality. Frequent saying: money and spirituality do not mix is one of the old spiritual paradigms that must go! 

Money is Neutral; It’s the Greed
The way we exchange value, goods and services is through monetary system at the moment. That's what is. However, the energy behind money is neutral. There's an energetic exchange taking place, isn’t it? A flow of give and take. The problem arises when greed enters the picture and with it an insatiable desire to amass as much as possible, trying to fill a bottomless bucket. As Kahlil Gibran said: 

“Money is like love; it kills slowly and painfully the one who withholds it, and enlivens the other who turns it on his fellow man.”

Mastering and integrating all levels
Joshua David Stone in one of his books mentions three levels to the spiritual path: the spiritual, the psychological, the physical/earthly and that “all three levels must be mastered separately and distinctly before full integration, synthesis, and union can take place.” We must become masters of three and not denying one in favor of the other. We are to create a bridge between all levels, to be explored freely. No more veils and separation. Can’t help to think how timely this New Moon in Taurus is (May 7th 2016); it sets energy for us to revaluate, redefine ourselves and let go of that which no longer serves.

Create value to align with universal abundance
Once we’re in conscious communication with Spirit/higher Soul wisdom, our hearts passions get ignited. We anchor our intentions and energies via diligent actions. Praying/setting intentions is not enough, we gotta move our feet. Only then, beautiful creations can be manifested and shared with the world and its people. We begin to flow and ride the wave consciously. We create value in another being's life that brings abundance into ours. Let that be the driving force in daily endeavors and human interactions. 

Money Soul-utions
Circulate it, whatever you can offer in an exchange (for services), do so, simply pay it forward.
Don't cling to it.
Bless it.
Send it light.
Handle money consciously.

My own Journey towards balance-the middle road
Learning to be spiritually fulfilled, doesn’t mean having to live in poverty and renunciating all material possessions. No longer is there a need, unless being called to do so, to pursue spiritual existence in a remote ashram. One doesn't have to go anywhere to be spiritual, the very existence on this Earth is infused by Spirit. Again, it’s a very personal experience we are here after and it’s our choice what we wish to align with. We are in continuous state of becoming anew, creating anew and we get to decide through our intentions where the energy is gonna go- towards the old or the new.

As James Redfield said:

“Where Attention goes Energy flows; Where Intention goes Energy flows!”

We are just beginning to remember a profound truth - 'we are divine creators in human form'.
So let's go ahead and create with abandon. Let's play, dance and engage with the oceanic well of the Infinite. Isn't it why we are here?

With a loving heart, Anna

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