Thoughts on taking care of the physical body

As I was thinking about an interesting topic to blog about I decided to Google the word “diet”. Oh boy wasn't I completely blown away by the variety of what’s out there. It’s mind-boggling. Fresh diet, Gene smart diet, Jenny Craig, The Zone, Grapefruit diet, Step, Fruit flush diet, The Hormone diet, You-On a diet, 5 Factor diet, the list goes on and on and on. Despite the fact that there is so much information out there, how come people are still confused about diets, healthy eating and living healthy life styles? The shelves of bookstores are filled with so-called “best diet books” promising to solve your problems. Nutritional stores are overloaded with the greatest supplements promising to melt fat away. The TV airways show the newest fitness equipment that promise to make you look like a lean and fit superstar. Magazines and newspapers are filled with colorful pictures, newest and latest fad diets or workouts, promising the fastest and best results ever. Yet somehow, in spite of the enormity of information, people are more baffled than ever. Why is that? First of all, there are NO QUICK FIXES! None, nada, zero, zilch… People so desperately want to believe that there is some magical pill out there, some kind of solution that will do the trick. Truth be told, there is none. In today’s fast paced world, immediate results are expected. Whatever happened to good old-fashioned “patience”? It’s quite challenging to wait for the results but it usually takes time to notice them. If you aren’t noticing any, you might not be fully committed to the process. Besides, it takes work, hard work to rip the benefits of what you’ve sown. We’re so focused on the destination that we completely forget about the process.

Second of all, not everything will work for every single individual. We are all different and “Hallelujah” to that. Can you imagine all people being or looking exactly the same? That would be one boring world to live in. So we should embrace the fact that we come in different shapes, forms and fashion.

Third of all, the sole focus on the aesthetics is so pervasive, always in your face that we seem to have developed a warped sense of “that’s all that matters”. Does it really? Is having a six-pack, big chest all that matters? We get bombarded by subliminal messages what's acceptable in today's society. Should you be size two, perhaps four, maybe zero? A bit dysfunctional, isn't it?

Why is it that people are still struggling with maintaining a healthy weight and fully embracing an active lifestyle? Is it laziness, not wanting to take responsibility for one's health, lack of know-how, too many failed attempts at achieving the goal, genetic predisposition, or perhaps too many injuries and pain that prevents one from moving? There could be as many answers as there are people.

The pendulum usually swings from one end of the spectrum to the other. Exercising to the point of overtraining or becoming a couch potato. Under eating or overeating. It is certainly more difficult to strike a balance and stay there. However, through a commitment to an aware and mindful living, meditation, and pursuing personal empowerment through daily action, a balanced way of life can certainly be achieved. Good luck! 

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