Biggest Missing Link In Spiritual Teachings

Biggest Missing Link In Spiritual Teachings

I had no idea that being your authentic self could make me as rich as I’ve become. If I had, I’d have done it a lot earlier.
— Oprah Winfrey

A big missing link in spiritual teachings that's not being given adequate attention just keeps popping up in my field of awareness. Again! There must be a reason for that. Whenever I tried to ignore it, it would surface up again and again. Every time it did surface up, it would stir up my heart and burn like a wild fire. It goes deep and its almost petrifying at times. So yes, this 'big missing link' is close and dear to my heart, always has been. I must speak up because it's my core truth!

Let me start with... 

What stirs my Soul

My deepest passion lies in an exploration of both physical and metaphysical worlds; I love them both equally and have a profound appreciation of both. For a long time, I have been bouncing separately between physical (specifically fitness) and spiritual communities, hoping to find like-minded people, for whom bridging these worlds resonates as much as it does for me. Daydreaming of having conversations about Universe/ Spirit/ consciousness/ energy/ chakras/ alternative healing, as well as body/ strength training/ mobility/ bio-mechanics/ healthy living/ thriving on this breathtaking planet. Haven't found too many Souls just yet. Perhaps it was a result of these two worlds not being merged as one within me?  For some reason, I have a strong intuition that was exactly the case. 

Alchemy, Merging

However, something interesting transpired over the course of last year, an alchemy of sorts. These two worlds seemed to have slowly merged together (not sure if the process is over; these things never seem to end); it was an internal/energetic process. Then inner, cellular if you will, acknowledgment followed. Essentially, I was being prepared to be comfortable with 'my physicality' amongst spiritual adepts and with 'my spirituality' amongst physical adepts. What a task since these two worlds are so very different - polar opposites! The way I know this to be true is that I became more comfortable sharing my passions publicly instead of hiding it. A lot of shedding and letting go happened, which aided the merging process. It was a call to be more 'authentic'. So here I AM.


My physical expression is both fiery/feisty and gentle/soft. It must be the divine blueprint. ;-) Been learning to own it fully, not denying/hiding it, or making myself small so that others can be comfortable. Carefully tiptoeing around people no longer resonates; I’m done. Someone else’s truth, different from my own, doesn’t make mine irrelevant; it’s just that - different. Days of hiding my light are over. 


It’s both incredibly empowering and humbling to be cognizant of connection to higher realms/Spirit (as spiritual gifts are emerging) and at the same time be fully grounded in a strong & healthy body. One can commit both to embodying light within while focusing on a physical vessel; it doesn’t have to be either or approach. In fact, from my own experience, I found that healthy vessel and light embodiment go hand in hand (the middle path). The more light began to come in, the more my body needed to move (after the integration process of course) - a kind of nonnegotiable Spiritual practice. However, I allow room for flexibility, adjustment and sometimes when needed, taking a step back. This journey brought me to a point of clarity- to be fully balanced, an equal commitment to Spirit & Body is a must, instead of favoring one over the other (still seeing this in spiritual communities). For far too long, old programs have been running in our bodies/ minds trying to convince us: the human vessel is less important than Spirit. That’s BS, misinformation floating around. That’s a classical split between heaven & earth. I clearly see these deficiencies, old stereotypes. You can’t just meditate your way through life, every single day your body must move; you have to bend forward to tie shoelaces or pick up something from the floor; you have to sit down and get up, reach for things from shelves, etc. You might as well invest/CREATE body that will allow you to do so effortlessly and not having to struggle with basic movement patterns. Body needs to be taken care of!

Another Way, Commitment to Body & Spirit


No matter how much spiritual work/mission you have come here to do, you can only do so if your physical form can actually handle it. So stop convincing yourself (by running old programs) your body matters not! Don't deny the body. Why would you do that? It’s like going on a cross-country trip and saying you don't need a car, or perhaps one wheel will do it. Will it really? I invite you to check in with your higher wisdom to see if your Soul’s message truly is - 'stay idle/don’t move because you are doing more important (spiritual) work.' Is it possible it’s your spiritual ego talking?

Hear me! There is another way: you can be spiritually aware while being grounded in a physical vessel that’s a powerhouse. You can be equally committed to the body and spirit. Consider it. That’s my message to you! Get into your body. Create/ build a powerhouse. Connect with your Soul/higher wisdom how to go best about it;  it's unyielding support is always present even if you don't know how to tap into it. If you don’t know how feel free to get in touch with me, would love to help you on your journey. Are you ready? 

With a loving heart, Anna

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