Tragedy of the courageous warrior child...

"The young, courageous warrior wakes up with love in her eyes and compassion in her heart, ready to do her part in the world. She joyfully runs around her room picking out her favorite undergarments, dress, riding boots, and gloves. Then, with grace and awe, she unveils her beloved velvet cape, passed down to her from generations of strong warrior women. Running her hands gently over the worn, soft velvet, she brings it close to her chest, feeling the power and strength imbued in it. Wrapping it over her shoulders, she feels the thrill of the day to come. She steps outside and slides her foot into the stirrup to mount her trusty steed."

Epiphanies on spiritual path…

Life is a transformational experience, an ongoing creation; it changes, rewires you from within, if you allow it. I am so grateful for that "moment in time" I answered my inner calling and began to reawaken to my spiritual essence. Many realizations arose since then, dreams, hunches, synchronicities. Here are some of them and I'm sure there is more to come. 

Let go or not to let go...

I’m reminded of a story I once heard about a young princess who was known across the land for her beauty, her poise, and her grace. Her constant warm smile and the sparkle of kindness in her eyes inspired her fellow villagers. Every morning the princess took a swim across a placid lake as many of those who were comforted and uplifted by her gathered near the shore. On one very special morning...

Animal Spirits in Dream Space

“Seeing two big arctic wolves, down in the ravine, somewhere in the mountainous area. One of them looks up at me and howls. There is no sense of fear. I realize it’s a message. At some point I’m seeing only one of them running along the path.”

“Seeing a male lion, with a big mane. I’m slightly concerned it might attack, so I begin to withdraw slowly as to not alarm the animal. It doesn’t attack and I get comfortable with the idea there is nothing to be afraid of. There is grace, confidence in the way the lion walks. I realize the power/strength of the lion is not to be messed with- it’s almost intimidating.”

Spiritual Heart- The Supreme Commander & The Inner Treasure

I’m sitting on the train reading a book: “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers” by Annie Kagan. I notice a man walking along the subway car, singing a song! He’s getting closer to where I sit. Suddenly, I’m sensing a tingling sensation in the middle of my chest. Taking a deep breath, closing my eyes to tune in better and observe the experience. Energy intensifies, and it’s moving away from my body, reaching out towards the gentleman. An incredible sense of peace, joy, connectedness and absolute love fills my heart… towards a stranger I’ve never met. It feels so pure and serene; He’s getting off the train but this intoxicating, loving energy is lingering all around. Taking in all the bliss… What an experience! It rendered me speechless because it came out of nowhere, yet it left such a profound energetic imprint. I wasn’t in the midst of meditation, trying to align or open my heart center, neither was I getting an energetic session. It happened, just like that, in wild New York City! Couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day.

In recent decades turmeric has been going through a renaissance of sorts, however healing benefits of this deep orangey fingerlike stalk, a relative of ginger family, have been widely known for thousands of years; it’s been a part of healing systems in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. Curcuma longa is a spice native to South and Southeast Asia region. It’s been long used in Chinese, Indian cooking as well as Western herbalism. Many have written about it, pointing out medicinal benefits, and there are so many. So I’ve decided to read up on it and give turmeric a try (juicing fresh turmeric root).  I went straight to the source, PubMed Central. After reading some lengthy medical research papers, going over books on herbalism and natural healing, here’s what I found out:

Soul's Path...

Soul’s path, a bit intimidating discussion to delve into… but oh well, let’s try! ;-)

How does one discover the Soul’s path; follow that inner knowing, and integrate it within the physical expression? I’ve pondered this question countless times and I’m still figuring out/discovering steps as I go along; one little step at a time… really! There is no particular structure I follow. However, I imagine soul's path to be authentic; filed with integrity, infused with cosmic dynamism and a type of exuberance that makes you high; as well as give a sense of peace, and clarity that you’re on the right path.

Drunk on energy...

A few weeks ago I went to Home Depot to pick up a couple of things. It wasn’t the most ideal time to visit such a behemoth of a store, because it was the weekend of the Black Friday shopping spree people tend to go on. The deafening noise of a big crowd, constant beeping of some crazy machines, left me in a zombie like state. As I shuffled between the aisles, it felt as if most of the energy got sapped out of me. It felt like I was stuck in molasses. 

Know Thyself…Embarking on a quest to self-knowledge

The old aphorism, “Know Thyself” is well known to many people. It’s been inscribed on the forecourt of the temple at Delphi. Ever since, it has been written and talked about extensively by ancient Greek sages, renowned philosophers, poets, and writers; from Benjamin Franklin, who said: Observe all men; thy self most; Confucius: When we seen men of a contrary character, we should turn inwards and examine ourselves”, to Rumi: “Who am I in the midst of all this thought traffic?

Fitness of the Body, Mind, Spirit

Having been working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer for over a decade and half of that as a massage therapist, I’ve grown to see and appreciate the need for a holistic way of taking care of the human body, an approach integrating Body, Mind and Spirit. Since the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, it makes sense to give equal attention to all the components, instead of just one. We have placed such big emphasis on optimal functioning of the physical body, as if that’s all there was to it. 

Balancing the Energy - neutral perspective...

“Several years ago I saw exactly how energy will manifest the content of the thoughts and feelings it encounters. I was praying with several women in a sweat lodge ceremony at tribal gathering in the Pacific Northwest. One of the women was grieving the death of her sister. She wailed and released her grief, crying and mourning her loss. In total darkness, the woman next to me began fidgeting and fanning the air around her in order not to take on “the negative” energy that she felt was flying around the lodge. I saw this woman’s fear balloon around her like a luminous cloud, and it actually magnetized other energy to it. 

First attempt to communicate with Higher Self ...

Months ago I began venturing into totally unknown territory- consciously trying to establish communication with my Higher Self Aspect - the Real Me in the Ethers! That personal guidance, the intelligent source, connection to the Divine within, which has always been there but I was so totally and blissfully unaware of it. Never have I previously made a conscious effort to even attempt such nebulous, esoteric feats or to learn to still my monkey mind and listen to personalized nuggets of wisdom....

The Mystic Heart...

The field of energy medicine is inundated with many different modalities to choose from. I explored and personally experienced quite a few of them. However, there was this one most memorable healing that blew my mind away. It was the simplest modality of them all. Never have I felt such palpable, swirling motions of energy surging throughout my body: heat, cold, tingly sensations, vibrations. I was high on energy! ;-) It was absolutely remarkable and simply rendered me speechless.

Empowerment - setting own energetic boundaries

Empowering one's own may be pondering what it actually means...? “To empower one’s space”… Well, I’m referring here to "giving power to"/ "taking control of" one’s closest environment, physical body and the immediate space surrounding it. Empowering my own space, taking power back into my own hands, reclaiming that which I had unconsciously given away, was one of the very first and fundamental steps taken my own journey within. 

Recognition of true nature of human beings…

During one of many contemplative moments, I remember clearly sending a prayer, or it was more like a desperate calling to the Universe/God/Force/Field/Intelligence (fill in the blanks, whatever your own description is):

How can I see the light in others/ how can I see them on a soul level instead of as just human mortals? I wanna seem them!!!!!!

In words of Gary Zukav: " No question is unheard, and no question goes unanswered."  Sure an answer came, the moment it was posed. It was unbelievable! Felt a bit like I got hit with a cosmic two-by-four.… my human mind generated a response: “duuuuuuh, of course” So here is the big eureka moment I experienced:


Creative Expression Of The Heart

Would it be an overstatement to say majority of us, if not all of us, have a deep, heartfelt desire to creatively express ourselves, even if unbeknownst to us at times…? Our own very creation, if you will, whatever it might be.

For a long time, I've tried to tap into that elusive "source of creativity" that would allow the process of creating "whatever" to flow naturally. Somehow all those attempts didn't feel right, genuine or sincere for that matter. 

Healing Of The Heart

Four seemingly simple sentences and such profound wisdom.... Looking few years back, I wouldn’t have been able to understand its profound meaning, only intellectually perhaps. 

Several years ago, I met an interesting individual whom I teasingly named- ‘The Ancient One’. During one of our conversations, he said: “Your heart is closed off”.