Are you still waiting for your spiritual career to emerge?

Are you still waiting for your spiritual career to emerge?

Any career you have is just an opportunity to circulate energy.
— Matt Kahn

You've been waiting and waiting and waiting what seems like FOREVER! For a sign from the Universe telling you what you are to do in your life. I'm sure a question many of us asked at one point or another: 

What is my spiritual purpose/spiritual mission?  What am I supposed to do in my life? 

They are all too familiar, aren't they?

Matt Kahn, in his latest video mentions few concepts of: circulating energy, getting out of stagnation, and an idea of "spiritual career". Powerful teachings! Such wisdom! It struck a cord like not too many things as of late. It felt as if he miraculously answered the above question specially for ME.(so my ego wants to think;-) ) 

In Matt's words: 

"I don’t know if this job is my highest purpose … people have the impression that your life purpose is some spiritual career. When really, any career you have is just an opportunity to circulate energy by allowing yourself to go to work every day and meet every single person including yourself as if for the first time. That's how you circulate energy. May I meet every person as if for the first time, may I speak to them as if it’s my last."

Wow. How profound!

God only knows, how long I have been asking it. Not sure what my expectation was- heavens to part and angels to descend with a very clear personal message? Better yet, perhaps a phone call from God/Source outlining the A, B, C's of what I am to do...?

Hilarious, isn't it? :-) 

Ahh! it's an ever evolving process after all; an endless path Soul chooses to evolve on.

In one of the previous posts Soul's path I mentioned:

"I imagine soul's path to be authentic; filed with integrity, infused with cosmic dynamism and a type of exuberance that makes you high; as well as give a sense of peace, and clarity that you’re on the right path."

Pondering over these words a year later, I realize when one comes from the heart - heart centered consciousness- the entire path gets illuminated and everything on it. The answers emerge. Intuitive insights present themselves, be it in the dream state or waking state. Life takes on a deeper meaning. Authenticity, integrity and cosmic dynamism is just a part of heart centered consciousness; a by product of it. 

We are all imbued with gifts, abilities. We are animated by Spirit; this very earthly existence is. And we get to decide how to express our divinity by using our unique gifts. And it may not be a "spiritual career" necessarily but something more down to earth. 

A friend of mine offered a beautiful thought to some of my spiritual inquiries:

"Our efforts and goals in following our paths do not come in solid directions of purpose or actions. It is our own free will on how to express divinity ... It's a dance."

So it truly is an alchemy of motion- a dance. And we get to decide, hopefully under intuitive guidance of the Soul, what dance it's going to be. At times we follow the steps effortlessly, other times we trip up, or step on someone else's feet losing track of the flow. And that's ok. It's deciding to get back in the flow, instead of waiting for spiritual career to show up on our doorsteps so that we can put it on our business cards. So if you still ask yourself what you are to do, embody love. Heart energy and its glowing light will always illuminate your path. As Matt Kahn says: "More Love Not Less"

With a loving heart, Anna

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